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New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association

"Advancing the Rehabilitation of Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities."

Welcome to the New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association

The New Hampshire Rehabilitation Association is an organization that is made up of individuals who are committed to improving the quality of services offered to individuals with disabilities. The membership consists of people who are involved in/with the various private and state rehabilitation agencies in the state. The primary focus is on offering effective and affordable training opportunities to those who wish to update and improve their skills.

The NHRA’s success is due to the dedication and hard work of this group of people who come to the table willing to work for what is in the best interests of the meeting the mission. This is the main reason why a state as small as New Hampshire has a chapter that is as active and financially healthy as this one is.

What this also means is that the door is open for anyone to become active in the operation of the NHRA. New members are always welcome and can participate as much as their time and interests will permit. All you need is a willingness to commit to the Mission of the NHRA which is: “To advance the rehabilitation of persons with physical and mental disabilities by eliminating barriers to employment and productivity through ethical and excellent professional practice.” It is a rewarding and stimulating association, highly recommended to everyone!

2010 Annual Conference a Success!

The Board of the NHRA is pleased to report that the Annual Conference on 10/8/10 was a tremendous success. Our attendance was up over 30% and the location at Church’s Landing, part of the Inns and Spa at Mills Falls was gorgeous. Read full story and see pictures [HERE].

New Improved Web site Accessibility

Our new website incorporates improved accessibility features by conforming to the § 508 and WCAG Double A Rating guidelines for web content accessibility. The website's underlying markup ensures easy transformation for rendering in aural, tactile (braille) and other non-visual user agents. 

Also, the majority of document metrics (widths, lengths and spacing) are font-size relative. This means that visitors can increase their default font size (using their browser) without compromising our layout.

When printing pages with Internet Explorer, they are now appropriately and automatically formatted for black and white printing. To see the effects of this, select print preview from your browser's print options or direct this page to a printer.

Download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer [HERE].